Why Rent Forklifts?

Renting equipment seems to be increasing in popularity with customers, but why rent? Renting equipment has its perks over actually purchasing the equipment. Renting is very flexible when it comes to length of renting, costs, delivery, and more. The customer has more options to better suit them and their needs. A customer has flexibility within the length of renting from month to month or even yearly. Also, the customer is able to rent equipment that is cheaper than buying a brand new piece of equipment. This also provides customers with the ability to test equipment to find if it is right for their specific applications or not. Maintenance is also an advantage. On a rental contract, customers are not responsible for paying to get something fixed. Renting puts the maintenance on the renter which saves you money. Even the delivery is put on the renter. Customers don’t need to worry about the delivery of the rented equipment because it is covered by the renter.

Although virtually everything can be rented out to customers, we see a common trend of what’s being rented. Forklifts of Toledo sees a lot of the 5000 pound cushion tires, and pneumatic tires being rented, along with some specialty equipment. Depending on the application, FOT also sees a lot of electric and LP forklifts being rented. Forklifts of Toledo sees a lot of Lindes and Clarks being rented depending on the application. Lindes are typically rented out to tough environments while Clarks are usually being rented out to the applications that call for long term usage. Renting is a great choice for those applications that have a constantly changing environment or seasonal needs and is also a great choice for all customers to be able to test out equipment as well as save money.

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