Industrial Batteries and Chargers

For all Makes, Models, and Brand Forklifts

We can provide all your industrial batteries and chargers needs and offer a complete line of battery and charger equipment, including Opportunity Chargers and Fast Chargers, the latest technology in industrial charging equipment.

Forklift Batteries

  • We sell forklift batteries for all brands of forklift trucks.  Cold storage and freezer protection. Extreme duty cycle. Heat Resistant.  Single Point Watering, Water – Less, Maintenance Free. 12, 24, 36, 48, 80 Volts.  We also sell reconditioned batteries.

Opportunity Chargers

Depending on your forklift application, you may be able to run your forklift two shifts with one battery through opportunity charging.  Opportunity chargers allow your operators to put the forklift on charge during “opportune” times, such as lunch and breaks.  Contact us for more information.

Fast Chargers

Allows you to charge your batteries 3 to 5 times faster than conventional units. You may never have to change a battery again! Eliminates the need to switch out batteries and reduces potential accidents. Frees up valuable warehouse and production space.

Smart Chargers
One charger can handle a variety of batteries: 24, 36, 48. and 80 Volts

Battery Handling Equipment

We carry products for changing forklift batteries, including powered battery extractors and overhead cranes.

Battery Storage Racks

Have us design and install your battery charging room complete with racks, hoists, conveyors, charging equipment, and safety accessories.

Personal Protective & Safety Equipment

Shop our on-line catalog for gloves and other PPE equipment, and battery safety items such as spill kits.