Linde Warehouse Products

Linde warehouse products are designed for you to move more pallets in less time and in less space.  They work in narrow aisle and very narrow aisle applications.  Their mobile mast design allows for greater capacities at height and eliminates costly maintenance expense compared to pantograph reach models.

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Series 1120
Models: R14 / R16 / R16N / R16HD / R20 / R20N and R20W
Electric reach trucks.  3,000 – 4,500 lb. capacity


Low level orderpickerSeries 1110
Models V08-01 – V08-02
Orderpicker / Stockpickers:  1st and 2nd level
1,600 – 2,200 lb. capacity


Linde medium height orderpickerSeries 5021
Model V10
Orderpicker / Stockpicker:  Medium level
2,200 lb. capacity