Linde Tow Tractors – Tuggers

Linde makes a full line of tow tractors, burden carriers, and tuggers for your in-plant needs.  See the models below.

Click on the series name for complete product information.


Series 1191
Model P60Z.  Electric tugger/tow tractor.  13,000 lb. load capacity.



Series 127 /127-02 – P250
Models P250 tow tractor/burden carrier.  Short and long wheel base options
Electric, 25,000 lb. capacity


Series 127 / 127-02 – W20
Models W20 electric tow tractor / burden carriers.  4,400 lb. capacity.



Linde electric tow tractorSeries 1103 – ETR 45
Model ETR electric tow tractor.  10,000 lbs. capacity