Order Selectors: OSX15 – 3,000 lb. lift capacity

The Clark Order Selector offers all the features you’re looking for to handle your order picking operations. The specially designed articulating load wheel create a tight turn radius for cramped spaces while the operator platform offers a functional and safe design for the highest productivity possible. This order selector is perfect for any warehouse stock picking application.

Clark_OSX15_order_selector_AC electric_24 or 36 volt_3,000lbs

Clark OSX15 Order Selector

Key Product Features:

Electronic Power-Steering with Autocentering

  • This system makes sure the steering wheel is straight when the operator turns on the truck, and it’s electrically powered for easy steering.

Wide-Ranging Pallet Clamp

  • The clamp can manage pallet stringers up to 5” wide for a better handling than the restricted version the competition uses.

Articulating Load Wheels

  • These wheels make sure the load maintains contact with the ground, even over uneven floor conditions, cracks and expansion joints.
  • The snap-ring make it easy to change the load wheels when needed.

100% AC w/ Plug-In Encoder

  • The system is efficient and simple with its brushless, enclosed design.
  • The system is temperature protected, and it has one motor for steering and hydraulics so it’s easy to service.
  • The AC system delivers faster acceleration as well as superior lifting speeds compared to other systems and previous AC systems.
  • The Plug-In Encoder is mounted on the exterior of the drive and pump motors so they can be serviced without removal.

24 Volts v. 36 Volts

  • 24V has great runtime and is highly efficient for a lower voltage battery.
  • 36V is more powerful, and so provides higher lift speed is quicker acceleration.

Infinitely Variable Lift/Lower

  • The operator has apt control to precisely position the platform improving safety and productivity.

Operator Compartment

  • The platform has a four-point stance for ease of the operator.
  • The handle serves as a secure bar for the operator to hold.
  • Operator has a clear view of any travel direction.

LCD Dash Display

  • On-board diagnostic display works as an indicator to locate problems for quick servicing.
  • Bright and easy to read in poorly lit areas.

These warehouse products are available for sale and least. Contact a Forklifts of Toledo Sales Representative for pricing and additional information.