Stand-up Counterbalance ESX12-25: 2,500-5,000 lb. lift capacity

This counterbalance stand-up lift truck is designed to navigate smaller, tighter spaces while offering varying lift capacities to suit many needs. The stand-up design is good for applications where the operator frequently gets on and off the truck such as working in loading dock areas. The lift truck’s turning radius is tighter than other lift trucks, and it remains the same among all the models in this series. The cushion tires are ideal for indoor manufacturing, warehousing and shipping and receiving industries.

Clark_ESX17_counterbalanced_stand-up_truck_cushion tires_AC electric_2,500-5,000lbs_36 or 48 volt

ESX 12-25 stand-up counterbalancer

Key Product Features:

100% AC System

  • The simple system is efficient and simple with its brushless, enclosed design.
  • The system is temperature protected, and it has one motor for steering and hydraulics so easy to service.

Upright & Carriage

  • Nested I-Channels cradle cylinders, hoses and chains so the operator has the best front view possible.
  • The hydraulic cushioning minimizes shock and vibration for the truck .

Product Enhancement Package

  • Two-way fork leveling allow the forks to level backwards and forwards to prevent bent racks or broken pallets.
  • Full tilt range picks up damaged, broken pallets by tilting forward when the forks are low; pick up is easy by tilting backward to prevent the load from sliding off the forks when at traveling height and speed.
  • Faster tilt speeds improve cycle times.
  • Travel speed reduction is a safety feature that limits the truck’s travel speed when the forks are elevated.

Electro-Hydraulic Fully Proportional Valve

  • The adjustable pump motors accelerate ramps to match hydraulic requirements for a smooth operation.
  • Fly-by-wire doesn’t have any mechanized links, so there won’t be any wear downs to worry about.
  • Less battery usage and no overheating increases ease of operation and allows for faster cycle times.

Enclosed Electromagnetic Brakes

  • Spring applied/EM release contains a leak-free system because there aren’t any master cylinders or seals to deal with.
  • The anti-rollaway and ramp hold system increases safety for the operator carrying a load.
  • The self-checking brake system keeps the system working, warns when something is malfunctioning, and it’s easy to locate for servicing.
  • The brakes are easy to repair, so there’s less downtime and more production.

Heavy Duty Drive Motors and Axles

  • The motors are large, which promotes cooler, efficient operation.

True Multifunction Control

  • The 3-function design allows the operator to control the travel, lift/lower, and one other hydraulic function at the same time.
  • The integrated mini-thumbstick controls several functions at the fingertips of the operator. The ergonomically designed controller fits most hands for maximum operator comfort.

Fully Programmable

  • Customize the acceleration, deceleration and forward and reverse max speeds to match your company’s safety standards and operator’s skill level.

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