Tow Tractor CTX 40/70: 8,800-15,400 lb. capacity

This 3-wheel solid pneumatic tow tractor offers two models to fit every type of need. The small but efficient power system allows heavy-duty pulling capability while capitalizing on the low energy consumption system. This tow tractor is perfect in both indoor and moderate outdoor applications for the manufacturing, warehousing and shipping and receiving industries.

Clark_tow_tractor_CTX40/70_AC Electric_48 Volt_solid pneumatic tires_8,800-15,400lbs

CTX 40/70 tow tractor

Key Product Features:

48 Volt 100% AC system

  • Standard for CLARK electric lift trucks, in which the system is protected from outside contaminants.
  • Prevents unnecessary service by eliminating parts, like brushes.
  • Has two forms of regenerative braking.
  • Overall design prevents overheating.

Stable Platform

  • The low center of gravity makes the truck safer to tow heavy loads.
  • It also makes the battery, steer axle and other important compartments more accessible from the bottom.

Ergonomically Sound

  • Comes with an adjustable, full suspension seat molded to provide the operator maximum comfort and support.
  • The tilt steering column allows safe entry and exit for the operator.
  • The thick, molded floor mat cuts down on vibration and noise.

Fully Programmable

  • Set performance features to meet your safety and operator’s needs.
    • Acceleration and deceleration rates
    • Forward and reverse max speeds

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