S-Series 20/25/30/35 pneumatic tire forklifts

This is the pneumatic tire S-Series forklifts from Clark.
Gas or Diesel Power:
Ford 2.5 LPG engine / 2.7L Isuzu T4F diesel engine

Model capacity ranges:
S20D / S20L:  4,000 lb. capacity
S25D / S25L:  5,000 lb. capacity
S30D / S30L: 6,000 lb. capacity
S35D / S35L: 7,000 lb. capacity

The Clark S-Series forklift features SMART STRONG SAFE design elements.


  • Interactive dash
  • Interactive on-board diagnostics
  • Engine/powertrain protection monitoring
  • Built-in service tool
  • On-board reporting of operator controlled functions


  • Force-cooled wet disc brakes
  • Fully welded heavy gauge frame
  • Nested I-beam upright
  • Six roller carriage
  • External side-thrust rollers
  • Stamped steel hood and side panels


  • Automatically applied parking brake
  • Speed limit control
  • Increased visibility from operator’s compartment
  • Optional rear-view camera
  • Operator restrain system including high visibility orange seat belt
  • Clark OPS (Operator Presence System)
  • Design that optimizes the center of gravity for maximum truck stability.

Operator Focused:  The S-Series had over three years of development starting with a clean-sheet design focused on enhancing the experience of the forklift operator.  It boasts low brake pedal efforts, convenient hood mounted levers, reduced noise and vibration and easy on-off access.  Field tested, it is the lift truck operators want to drive.


  • Two-year, 2,000-hour basic truck warranty
  • Five- year, 5,000-hour major component warranty