C60/70/75/80 GEN2 pneumatic tire forklifts: 13,500-18,000 lb. lift capacity

The highest capacity forklift truck Clark offers is powerful, smooth and exceptional in design and practicality. The diesel or LPG engine, fully automatic three-speed transmission and wet disc brakes create the optimal lift truck. Its pneumatic tires, high lifting capacity and rugged frame are ideal for heavy manufacturing, stevedoring, lumber and building materials handling.

Key Product Features:

CLARK_C70_forklift_pneumatic tires_IC_LPG_diesel_13,500-18,000lb

Clark C60/70/75/80 forklift series

Engine Options

  • 4.5L TurboCharged 100HP Iveco Diesel gives exceptional, torque, and fuel economy; cold start system, vertical exhaust, and pre-cleaner come standard
  • 4.3L V-6 GM LPG engine: field proven with quiet operation
  • Auto Shutdown protects the investment in the event of excessive engine coolant, high transmission oil temperature or low engine oil pressure
  • EPA compliant

Upright & Carriage

  • Nested I-Channels cradle cylinders, hoses and chains so the operator has the best front view possible.
  • The hydraulic cushioning minimizes shock and vibration for the truck.
  • The 6 rollers manage load distribution and reduce free play.

Wet Disc Brakes

  • Enclosed and oil cooled for a gentle, fluid operation
  • Power-assist design is ergonomic for operator comfort.
  • 36 months/10,000-hour warranty on brake discs
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • Transmission disengages when parking brake is set preventing driving against brakes

Smart Shift Transmission

  • Fully Automatic 3-speed powershift transmission is standard on LPG and Diesel models
  • Operator friendly with automatic upshifting and downshifting
  • The modulated shift protection has a smooth engagement and cushioned shifting
  • Robust components are heavy duty for longer life
  • Inching valve allows for precise control over travel speeds during high speed lifting


  • Heavy duty, welded integral frame box assembly

Ergonomic Operator’s Compartment

  • Contoured, adjustable seat for optimal comfort
  • Functional, accessible levers to manage the hydraulics
  • Thick, molded floor mat that reduces vibration and sound
  • Tilt Steering Column for easy entry and exit


This forklift is available for sale or lease. Contact a Forklifts of Toledo Sales Representative for pricing and additional information.