C40/45/50s/55s GEN2 pneumatic tire forklifts: 8,000-11,000 lb. lift capacity

The C40-55s pneumatic tire forklift delivers smooth and powerful performance. The diesel or LPG engine, fully automatic three-speed transmission, and wet disc brakes create the optimal lift truck for manufacturing, warehousing, lumber and building materials handling where there are rough floor conditions.

Key Product Features:

CLARK_C40_1_forklift_pneumatic tire_IC_LPG_diesel_8,000-11,000lb

Clark C40/45/50s/55s forklift series

Engine Options

  • 3.6L TurboCharged DEUTZ Diesel
    • Exceptional output, torque and fuel economy
    • Cold start system comes standard
    • Increased horsepower for better acceleration
  • 4.3L V-6 GM LPG engine
    • Computer-controlled fuel system
    • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Auto Shutdown prevents further damage in case of emergency and protects the investment
  • Follows EPA standards

Hydraulic System

  • Maximum horsepower uses a load-sensing flow control valve to reduce heat build-up.
  • Main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions for optimum performance of attachments.
  • The sectional design allows for easy addition of extra functions and simplified service.
  • Upright mounted load lowering valve controls lowering independent of engine speed.

Upright & Carriage

  • I-Beam style upright
    • Rails are designed to be 55% stiffer than conventional flat-faced rails.
    • Better resistance to side-to-side deflection
    • Promotes longer life and improved stability with elevated loads
  • Hydraulic cushioning valves silent staging reduces shock and vibration.
  • The shimmable, sealed and canted load rollers come with 6 load rollers and 4 side thrust rollers that maximize load distribution and reduce free play.

Wet Disc Brakes

  • Enclosed and oil cooled for a smooth, quiet operation
  • Minimal wear promotes long life and reduced maintenance means less downtime.
  • Power assist design has low pedal effort to reduce operator fatigue36 months/10,000-hour warranty on brake discs

Parking Brake

  • Hand operated lever actuates braking
  • Transmission disengages when parking brake is set to prevent driving against parking brake
  • Horn will sound if brake is not set after 3 seconds

Steering Axle

  • The simple and tough “double shear” design makes the system easy to manage and maintain


  • One-piece frame is heavy duty

Ergonomic Operator’s Compartment

  • The operator presence sensing system is an added safety feature by disengaging the hydraulic and transmission function when operator leaves the seat.
  • CLARK vinyl safety seat is adjustable, molded for support, comes with a non-cinching, retractable seat belt and has standard weight adjustment and full suspension.
  • The thick-molded floor mat reduces vibration, shock and noise level to improve operator comfort
  • The low cowl design greatly increases visibility of forks and load.
  • The tilt steering column adjusts to suit the operator and provides easier entry and exit from operator’s compartment.


This forklift is available for sale or lease. Contact a Forklifts of Toledo Sales Representative for pricing and additional information.