3-wheel GTX 16/18/20: 3,200-4,000 lb. lift capacity

This lift truck series features a 2-wheel drive system and solid pneumatic tires for added traction in wet or moderate outdoor environments. The 3-wheel design gives the forklift excellent maneuverability in crowded dock areas. This forklift is well suited for indoor/outdoor use in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and shipping and receiving applications. Each lift truck comes with programmable safety and performance features to fit your exact needs.

Clark 3-wheel electric forklift

Clark GTX 16/18/20 forklift series

Key Product Features:

100% AC system, 36 or 48 Volt

  •  This system compares to similar internal combustion lift trucks in acceleration rates, speed and its ability to climb inclines.

Dash Display

  • Programmable to meet specific needs – choose from four pre-set performance modes.
  • Alarm codes provide a safer lift truck.
  • Some adjusts can be password protected to prevent unauthorized users from changing the setting.

Drive Motors & Axles

  • Fewer parts & minimum wear mean less lost time
  • The system is brushless and enclosed, has temperature and stall protection, has a dual powered reversing system that makes tighter turns and it’s suitable in watery environments.
  • The same motors are used for E and EE machines.

Powered Reversing Drive Motors

  • These models have 2-wheel drive that provides added traction, especially in undesirable environments.
  • The inside wheel prevents scuffs or abrasions during tight turns.
  • Hall Effect Steer Sensor allows better maneuverability of the steer tire.
  • This model has a slightly wider turn radius than the TMX series models.

Upright & Carriage

  • Nested I-Channels keep cylinders, hoses and chains that provides the best visibility while the hydraulic cushioning valve keeps shock and vibration down. The 6 rollers disperse the load evenly and decrease free play.

Regen & Wet Disc Brakes

  •  These models have three forms of regenerative braking that include:
    • Acceleration Release (proportional to acceleration position)
    • Change of Direction (proportional to acceleration position)
    • Service Brake (foot brake)
  • Wet Disc Brakes have enclosed and oil cooled processes that are fluid and muffled. They’re built with a lining material meant for longevity in production.

 Easily Serviced

  • The hinged rear control allows for easy service access so the lift truck isn’t out of commission for a long time.
  • The on-board diagnostics make finding the problem easy for the mechanic.

For pricing and leasing information, contact a Forklifts of Toledo Sales Representative.