GEX 20/25/30: 4,000-6,000 lb. lift capacity

Clark 5,000 lb. electric forklift

Clark GEX 20/25/30 Forklift Series

This 4-wheeled forklift truck series is the most popular among users because of its wide range of abilities and applications. With its solid pneumatic tires, it is suited for indoor and moderate outdoor environments for the manufacturing, warehousing and shipping and receiving industries. Each lift truck comes with programmable safety and performance features to fit your exact needs.

Key Product Features:

80 Volt 100% AC system

  • Rivals IC trucks in speed, acceleration and gradeability with its high performance battery voltage.
  • The higher voltage means lower line loss and heating and greater efficiency.
  • The rapid charge requires one receptacle via a single battery connector.
    • GEX 20/25 accommodates a 54 kwh battery
    • GEX 30/32 can hold a 60 kwh battery

Upright & Carriage

  • Nested I-Channels cradle cylinders, hoses and chains so the operator has the best front view possible.
  • The hydraulic cushioning minimizes shock and vibration for the truck
  • The 6 rollers manage load distribution and reduce free play

Regen & Wet Disc Brakes

  • These models have three forms of regenerative braking that include:
    • Acceleration Release (proportional to acceleration position)
    • Change of Direction (proportional to acceleration position)
    • Service Brake (foot brake)
  • Wet Disc Brakes are protected and have oil cooler processes in order to provide the operator with a gentle, silent ride. The smart design reduces downtime, which amps up production.

Drive Motors & Axles

  • Fewer parts & minimum wear mean less downtime
    • The system is brushless and enclosed, has temperature and stall protection, has a dual powered reversing system that makes tighter turns and it’s suitable in watery environments.
    • The same motors are used for E and EE machines.

Powered Reversing Drive Motors

  • These models have 2-wheel drive that provides added traction, especially in undesirable environments.
  • The inside wheel prevents scuffs or abrasions during tight turns.
  • Hall Effect Steer Sensor relays steer tire position to control.

Easily Serviced

  • The hinged rear control allows for easy service access so the truck isn’t out of commission for a long time.
  • The on-board diagnostics make finding the problem easy for the mechanic.

LCD Dash Display

  • Comes with 4 pre-set performance modes to fit the operator’s needs.
  • Alarm codes show current machine status, and previous codes are stored for technician access.
  • Password protection prevents others from changing safety settings, such as speed limitations.

These forklifts are available for sale or lease. Contact a Forklifts of Toledo Sales Representative for pricing and additional information.