Innovative technology comes standard on Linde Lift Trucks


Linde 80-volt forklift

Linde 387 Series 80-volt lift truck

Linde Lift Trucks has been a fixture in the North American transportation and material handling equipment market for over 150 years.  As a technology and manufacturing pioneer, Linde played an instrumental role in the early evolution of the lift truck, and today ranks among the world’s leading lift truck manufacturers. Linde Lift Trucks are recognized for their innovative technologies, and low energy and operating costs.

Linde manufactures a full line of LP, diesel, and electric forklifts. Linde material handling products are made to specialize in severe, high cycle and high impact applications. Linde products range from forklifts specializing in stacking and storage to order picking and transportation. Linde’s exclusive hydrostatic drive completely eliminates brake or transmission maintenance and owners benefit from up to 50% fuel savings.

Linde’s 387/388 series 80-volt forklifts are capable of sustaining a large amount of usage in tough applications. They are fantastic for indoor and outdoor usage and work well within the storage, distribution and manufacturing industries. Some of the exclusive features of the Linde 387/388 series features include:

Dual motor drive axle:   Two drive motors, placed in a tough cast iron axle, help to actively control all truck movements.   This system facilitates turning the truck in the smallest aisle possible. After the steer wheel angle exceeds 70 degrees, the inside wheel dynamically counter-rotates. This also contributes to minimizing energy consumption and reducing tire wear.

Patented “combi” steering axle:  This system allows the 4-wheel lift trucks to turn as though they were 3-wheelers. In order to maneuver a curve, both steering wheels adjust to allow the truck to rotate around the center of the front axle.  Together with the dual motor drive, the truck essentially turns in its’ own length.

Driver Assistant:  An important forklift safety feature, it monitors the forklift’s speed and steer angles. If the truck is moving too fast, the system will automatically decelerate the lift truck. This makes sure the forklift operator can “round” the corner quick but safe.

Other features of the Linde 387/388 Series include

  • Real time battery display
  • Axle mounted power modules
  • Floating cab / vibration isolation

Linde forklifts are commonly utilized in warehouses and/or plants or other storage facilities as well as some larger scale factories.  At Forklifts of Toledo, we sell and service Linde Lift trucks to businesses in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan.  Contact us to learn more about Linde Lift trucks.

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