Linde 396 Series Forklifts – top pick for demanding applications.

Linde 396 Series ForkliftWe recommend the Linde 396 series forklift for our customers who have rugged outdoor applications and need a forklift to move materials such as lumber, bricks or other bulky loads. It is an internal combustion, pneumatic tire lift truck.  The Linde 396 forklift series is offered in five different model options that range in lifting capacity from 13,000 to 17,500 pounds. It can be outfitted with multiple attachment options to handle everything from paper rolls to construction materials. The low noise levels and low emissions make it able to operate in a variety of environments.

The hydrostatic drive system produces superior performance and contributes to a low total cost of ownership with no mechanical wear components like service brakes or a torque converter transmission. It has extended service intervals up to 1000 hours which means less volume of waste oil and used oil filters.  This lift truck is highly fuel efficient and has long tire life which also helps the owner financially in the long run.

The Linde 396 Series Torsion Support System makes this one of the safest forklift trucks on the market. It stabilizes and controls swinging loads and dynamic forces—protecting both the operator and the people who may be working around the lift truck. Other safety features include an auto-set parking brake (when engine is off), dual back-up control system, overhead guard, and a high visibility mast for increased operator awareness.

The Linde 396 Series forklift has many options for operator comfort including a full cab with washers and wipers, heat and air conditioning, and air-cushioned seat. Some safety and performance options include internal and external mirrors, road light package, and engine shutoff.

Overall the Linde 396 Series forklift is highly productive and boasts powerful performance in tough applications and is engineered for a low total cost of ownership.

Contact us to learn more about the long term advantages of leasing or owning a Linde 396 series forklift.

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