Operator Training

Forklift operator

Improve safety with forklift operator training.

Forklift safety is of utmost importance and it goes with saying that forklift operators must be properly trained. Important reasons and benefits of operator training include:

  • Improving safety in the work place by reducing accidents
  • Reducing product damage that may occur from improper forklift operation
  • Meeting OSHA requirements under Section 1910.178 (I) (1) (i).

Forklifts of Toledo cares about our customers’ safety. And so we refer our customers to The Forklift Training Center (TFTC) for the very best in operator training.  TFTC employs a full-time staff of professional trainers and offers a wide variety of operator training classes including:

  • How to drive a lift truck – for operators with no experience
  • Operator Rectification – for operators who have completed a formal training class
  • Operator Safety Class – for operators with 1 year of experience
  • Trainer Qualification Class – for those who are in charge of training.
  • Scissor lift safety
  • Terminal/yard tractor safety

Please visit TFTC for complete class schedule and registration information.