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Forklift Attachments Glossary

Numerous forklift attachments are available from Forklifts of Toledo to make your material handling operations more productive. All of these attachments are quality manufactured by Cascade Corporation. Here are some of the available forklift attachment options: Multi-Purpose Clamps  The multipurpose, … Read More

Why Buy Used Forklifts?

When looking into material handling equipment, Forklifts of Toledo works hard to provide the best refurbished equipment for all applications. Buying used equipment allows the buyer to lower their operations costs on that equipment or allows the buyer to spend … Read More

Why Rent Forklifts?

Renting equipment seems to be increasing in popularity with customers, but why rent? Renting equipment has its perks over actually purchasing the equipment. Renting is very flexible when it comes to length of renting, costs, delivery, and more. The customer … Read More

Forklift Operator Training

Forklifts of Toledo (FOT) offers a wide variety of training that is OSHA compliant for material handling operations. Our goal is to improve plant safety, reduce product damage, as well as reduce insurance costs for companies that utilize material handling … Read More