Forklift Attachments Glossary

Numerous forklift attachments are available from Forklifts of Toledo to make your material handling operations more productive.

All of these attachments are quality manufactured by Cascade Corporation.

Here are some of the available forklift attachment options:

Multi-Purpose Clamps cascade_multi-purpose_clamp_attachment The multipurpose, cost-effective palletless handling capability to any lift truck. Available with narrow profile arms, replaceable contact pads and many other configurations. Clamps are used to grip cartons, crates, bins and other clampable items. There are several different types of clamps for several different applications and uses. They improve warehouse utilization and save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage.

Bale Clampscascade_bale_clamp_attachment


Bale clamps are ideal for handling large bales of cotton, wool, synthetic textiles, corrugated, newsprint, rag, hay and metal scrap with its palletless handling and thin profile for “knifing” between tightly stacked bales without causing damage.

Carton Clamps


These are perfect for the palletless handling of fragile loads or multiple case items. Carton clamps come with several features and options, including revolving and tipping clamps for specific jobs. They’re designed for warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries.

Drum Clamps


This clamp is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries because of its gentle handling of standard 55-gallon drums. They can handle up to four drums per load, increasing productivity.

Fork Clamps


These operate as both a clamp and a fork positioner to handle uncommonly shaped loads, such as crates, bales and tires. The easy maneuverability of the forks quickens pallet handling and reduces depreciation on the pallets.

Paper Roll Clamps


These clamps are precise, gentle and strong to manage any paper roll load regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. They’re ideal for stevedoring and printing industries, and have unmatched durability and grip ability.

Fork Positioners


Fork positioners allow lift truck operators to move forks quickly and precisely to fit different pallet sizes. They’re ideal for handling various load sizes, so quick adjustments can be made to keep productivity high. Fork positioners are recommended for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing where load sizes can differ and high visibility is always required for safety.

Forward Bin Dumper


The forward bin dumper is ideal for agricultural, food processing and manufacturing markets in need of efficient and economical means for handling and dumping. They may accommodate different bin heights by manually adjusting the top bin stops.

Integral Carriages


For loads over 10,000 lbs., integral carriages provide greater net capacity because of the reduced effective thickness. While increasing visibility, it also maintains the rugged functionality needed to make significant gains in net capacity. This is perfect for any heavy duty industries, such as mining, lumber, foundry, automotive, concrete piping and food processing.

Layer Pickers


Beverage warehouses and distribution facilities benefit from the speed and adaptability to handle single and multiple layers of both canned and bottled products. It increases speed and production without adding labor, making it cost effective.

Multiple Load Handlers


Single and dual pallet handlers can lift more than one load at a time for increased efficiency and productivity all while gently handling any load. Double shifters also allow the operator to adjust the fork position for any load accommodation.



Using inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets allows operators to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads. It’s perfect for bagged products, such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages because of its maneuverability.



Rotators allow for 360º revolving motion, in both directions, to maneuver forks for dumping and inverting purposes. This attachment is often used in food processing and manufacturing industries.



Sideshifters allow the operator to shift a load from side-to-side in order to reduce handling time and improve maneuverability. The high visibility provides safety while lifting loads. Every industry in need of lift trucks would benefit from sideshifters in order to efficiently adjust the forks before picking up a load and for unloading without slowing down the job.

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