Linde 1313 Series: 5,000-6,000 lb. cushion tire forklifts

Linde designed their reliable trucks with the customers’ needs in mind. In conjunction with the Porsche design studios, Linde created a series of lift trucks that are suitable for any indoor or outdoor manufacturing, warehousing, shipping & receiving applications. Many industries require a rugged forklift with an ingenious, efficient and low-maintenance engine and Linde certainly upholds that necessity with this truck. The cushion tires create an even, gentle ride while the mast provides high visibility and steady strength for any load.

Key Product Features:


Linde’s 1313 series forklift


  • Internal Combustion, VW LP/Gas Engine
  • High torque
  • 3-way regulated catalytic muffler allows low fuel consumption
  • Low exhaust emission levels
  • High combustion – air intake protects the
  • UL LP rating

Patented Hydrostatic Drive

  • Linde’s hydrostatic drive eliminates the need for clutch or friction service brakes
  • It’s ideal for heavy duty lifting with its smooth performance.
  • It manages any condition it encounters, such as ramps, heat, humidity, dust and bulldozing/shoving/pushing actions for increased stability, operator confidence and it upholds Linde’s guarantee

Linde Truck Control (LTC)

  • Provides top-notch control, maneuverability and performance
  • Twin pedal drive control is easy to use for the operator and promotes comfort and increased productivity.


  • 3-function hydraulic valve with fingertip control for easy access and control.
  • Pressurized system prevents outside contamination


  • Digital display with an anti-glare shield informs the operator of fuel levels, fault codes, low fuel warning light and hydraulic functions
  • Infinite speed control with maximum travel RPM 2,100 and 1,050 RPM when traveling 7MPH

Ergonomic Design

  • An adjustable suspension seat with fixed armrests
  • Twin front work lights
  • Storage space


  • Shock mounting prevents damage from road shock
  • 300/1,000-hour engine oil/filter change required
  • No transmission oil/filter change required
  • 3,000-6,000-hour hydraulic oil/filter change required
  • Belly pan supports frame, protects components and acts as a skid plate

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