Linde 396 Series: 13,000-17,500 lb. IC pneumatic lift trucks

Linde designed this high capacity pneumatic tire forklift truck to be rugged, ergonomically sound, safe and efficient. This forklift is suitable in applications that require heavy duty lifting and special applications, such as paper roll handling, lumber, stockyard, brick, and construction industries. The powerful engine can lift and move large capacities, but the high torque combined with low RPM allows precise movement, insuring the load is secure and the operator is safe and confident.

Models and Lift Capacity:
H60D (diesel) / H60T (LP):  13,000 lb.
H70D (diesel) / H70T (LP):  15,000 lb.
H80D (diesel) / H80T (LP):  17,500 lb.
H80D-900 (diesel) / H80T-900 (LP):  17,500 lb.
H80D-1100 (diesel) / H80D-1100 (LP):  17,500 lb.

Key Product Features:


Linde’s 396 series forklift.

Diesel or LP Engine: Powerful and efficient are just the start

  • Direct injection, turbo-charged, 4.0L diesel engine providing 114HP with intercooler.

Hydraulics: a smart system built for function.

  • Pressurized system keeps outside contaminants out.
  • High performance filter system.

Linde Load Control (LLC)

  • Accurate, safe load handling.

Torsion Distribution System: steadiness with any load for operator confidence.

  • Overhead tilt cylinders for optimal balance, strength and dependability when handling a load.

Safety Features:

  • Best all-around visibility.
  • Headlights
  • Built-in fail-safe brake system.
  • Twin front work lamps.
  • The LPG ultrasonic fuel level indicator.


  • Spacious compartment with comfortable hydraulic-suspension adjustable seat.
  • Overhead display shows all the functions: fuel level, hydraulics and fault codes.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Adjustable steering column and armrest equipped with hydraulic levers.
  • Twin pedal drive system.

Solid built for low maintenance costs, high productivity and low cost of ownership.

  • Linde’s powerful hydrostatic drive has no differential, service brakes, or mechanical transmission parts.
  • Comprehensive display shows fuel levels and fault codes for easy maintenance.
  • Shock mounted components prevent road damage.
  • Fully belly pan construction protects engine and adds strength to the forklift.

Many more features and options are available on this truck. Talk to a Forklifts of Toledo sales representative for pricing and more information.