Linde 394 Series: 8,000-11,000 lb. IC pneumatic lift trucks

This powerful range of pneumatic tire forklift trucks are designed to work in heavy load applications found in lumber, concrete, building materials, paper, and metal working industries. The hydrostatic drive brings high performance with low maintenance. This lift truck is very popular since its lifting capacity is suitable for a number of diverse industries. The engine is efficient on fuel and has low emissions.

Models and Lift Capacity:
H40D (diesel) / H40T (LP):  8,000 lb.
H45D (diesel) / H45T (LP):  9,000 lb.
H50D (diesel) / H50T (LP):  10,000 lb.
H50D 600 (diesel) / H50T 600 (LP):  11,000 lb.

Key Product Features:


Linde’s 394 forklift series.

LP or Diesel Engine: more than just powerful and efficient,

  • Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS).
  • Dual engine combustion air pre-cleaners keep the engine running smoothly.

Hydrostatic Drive System

  • Provides unmatched performance and eliminates many wear items, lowering your cost of ownership.
  • No service brakes, differential, clutch or conventional transmission parts lowers maintenance costs.

Hydraulics: smart and functional just scratch the surface of the system.

  • Pressurized hydraulics.
  • High performance, high efficient hydraulic filters.

Drive Control and Handling: patented and tested.

  • Hydrostatic steering with on-demand power assist.
  • Linde twin drive pedals.
  • Linde Load Control integrated into the armrest with hydraulic controls and levers.
  • Overhead tilt cylinders provide load control and torque distribution.

Ergonomics and Safety: Built with the operator in mind.

  • Hydraulic-suspension adjustable seat.
  • LPG ultrasonic fuel level indicator.
  • Overhead display shows all the functions: fuel level, hydraulics and fault codes.
  • Twin front work lamps.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Armrest equipped with fingertip hydraulic controls.
  • Headlights

Low Maintenance = Less Downtime, lower cost of ownership.

  • No transmission oil/filter changes needed.
  • No tilt cylinder greasing or the mast mounting greasing needed.
  • Engine oil/filter requires changing every 300/1000 hours,
  • Hydraulic oil/filter requires changing every 3,000/6,000 hours,
  • Hydrostatic drive eliminates TC trani, clutch, differential and drum brakes – no brake jobs!

Many more features and options are available on this series. Talk to your Forklifts of Toledo sales representative for more information.