Linde 393 Series: 5,500 – 7,000 lb. IC pneumatic lift trucks

This versatile Linde forklift truck is the epitome of efficiency, durability and safety. The Linde hydrostatic drive is designed to handle constant stop-go, forward and reverse cycles with unmatched performance and durability. The hydrostatic drive also reduces wearable parts, thereby reducing maintenance costs, and lowering your overall cost of ownership. Similar to the 391 series lift truck, the pneumatic tires are equipped for indoor and outdoor use in several different industries that require mid-range lifting capability and compact equipment.

Models and Lift Capacity:
H25D 600 (diesel) / H25T 600 (LPG):  5,500 lb.
H30D (diesel) / H30T (LPG):  6,000 lb.
H35D (diesel) / H35T (LPG):  7,000 lb.

Key Product Features: 


Linde’s 393 forklift series.

LPG or Diesel Engine: efficient and powerful is just the start.

  • Most up-to-date engine monitoring and operating technology.
  • Low exhaust emissions
  • Low fuel consumption

Hydrostatic Drive System: Patented & proven system originally designed for bulldozers, provides unmatched performance and eliminates many wear items.

  • No service brakes, differential, clutch or conventional transmission parts lowers maintenance costs.

Hydraulics: functional and smart.

  • Sealed, pressurized hydraulic system keeps out contaminents.
  • High performance, high efficient hydraulic filters.

Drive Control and Handling: patented and tested.

  • Hydrostatic steering with on-demand power assist.
  • Linde twin drive pedals.
  • Linde Load Control integrated into the armrest with fingertip hydraulic control.

Ergonomics and Safety: made for a productive operator.

  • Spacious operators compartment with comfortable hydraulic-suspension adjustable seat.
  • Overhead display shows all. the functions: fuel level, hydraulics and fault codes.
  • Twin front work lamps
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Armrest equipped with hydraulic levers and controls are accessible
  • Headlights.

Low Maintenance = Less downtime, lower cost of ownership.

  • No transmission oil/filter changes.
  • No tilt cylinder greasing or the mast mounting greasing.
  • Engine oil/filter requires changing every 300/1000 hours.
  • Hydraulic oil/filter requires changing every 3,000/6,000 hours.
  • Hydrostatic drive eliminates TC trani, clutch, differential and drum brakes.
  • Tires up to 3 times the life.
  • Top-mounted tilt cylinders, maintenance free and shock mounted.

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