Linde 1401 Series: 22,000-40,000 lb. IC pneumatic lift trucks

This forklift is the largest and has the highest capacity of all the Linde internal combustion LPG/Diesel lift trucks. The pneumatic tires perfect for rough outdoor applications, such as shipping crates, lumber, brick, steel and heavy manufacturing, These forklifts were built to withstand hard conditions, uneven terrains with exceptional performance and dependability.

Models and Lift Capacities:
H100:  22,000 lb.
H120:  26,000 lb.
H120/1200:  26,000 lb.
H140:  31,000 lb.
H140/1200:  31,000 lb.
H150: 33,000 lb.
H160:  35,000 lb.
H160/1200:  35,000 lb.

Key Product Features:


Linde’s 1401 series forklift

Hydrostatic Drive

  • Operates without a mechanical transmission, torque converter, clutch, differential or conventional brakes, which means lower operating costs, less maintenance and a much more efficient, economic forklift truck.
  • The low RPM and high torque diesel engine match to the drive system and hydraulic requirements for an effective control of the forklift.

Diesel Engine

  • Equipped with a Cummins engine that is a Tier IV, Interim Emissions certified, making it one of the most dependable and efficient trucks on the market.
  • 6-cylinder, 6.7-liter displacement
  • Maximum torque at 1400 RPM
  • 72.5 gal. capacity fuel tank is massive and efficient in consumption.
  • The automatic engine RPM adjusts to power demand for smooth, precise control of the truck.
  • This truck comes with Linde’s reliable CAN-bus electronic system.

Linde Load Control

  • Linde Load Control allows for precise placement and transfer of loads, increasing operator confidence in their handling.
  • This system is ergonomically designed to make the operator comfortable and productive.
  • Operator can easily manage the forklift with the fingertip controls.
  • The separated travel and lifting devices decrease operator error.
  • All of the switches are easy to reach, which reduces operator fatigue.

Linde Travel Control

  • Improves productivity and reduces fatigue by allowing precise control without shift shock and quick direction changes with the dual pedal design.

Linde Mast

  • The distinctive mast rails were designed to handle high torsion loads, which increase stability while lifting and lowering heavy-duty loads.
  • Visibility is a key safety factor, and so Linde designed the truck to provide the operator maximum visibility in any direction.

Operator’s Compartment

  • Spacious cab with seat belt,  heat, defrost, and front-top-rear washers and wipers.  Climate control with pollen filter and AC system is optional.
  • Centered, forward positioned floating cab is shock mounted to reduce noise and vibration for the operator, which increases their productivity by creating a calmer work environment.
  • The overheard guard was built to withstand high impact, so the operator is protected at all times.
  • Full side-tilt cab for easy access for maintenance.

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