Linde RX60C Series: 5,000-6,000 lb. lift capacity

Linde’s cushion tired, high powered and high performance lift truck is customer driven in design, ergonomics, technology and innovation. What you get goes beyond what you see. The productive AC system has a powerful battery, smooth running hydraulics, quick and easy maneuvering and is maintenance-free. From the mast to its cushion tires, everything is stable to ensure a smooth transport in places that IC trucks wouldn’t be suitable to work.


Linde’s RX60-C model series electric counterbalanced forklift.

Key Product Features:

AC System

  • 80 Volt provides performance to comparable size LP and diesel forklifts
  • Large compartments to fit standard or vented batteries.
  • SB 350 yellow connector
  • Three phase travel and hydraulics

Durability by Design

  • Cast ductile iron steering axle with shock mounting
  • All electronics are protected inside the counterweight.
  • Temperature sensor protects motor
  • On-board diagnostic system
  • Tow pin standard

Quick Maneuvering

  • Dual direction directional control
  • Trucks reaches speeds up to 12 mph loaded and unloaded
  • Lift moves at 100 fpm
  • Automatic power boost

Safety Features

  • Side battery discharge is convenient and secure for battery handling
  • Optimized visibility mast
  • Ramp Start prevents lift truck from rolling backwards when starting up an incline
  • “Quick Set” parking brake
  • Dual headlights

Ergonomic Features

  • Floating operator compartment reduces the bumpy ride
  • Armrest has easy access to mini hydraulic levers
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Emits little sound at 68dba
  • Energy return system keeps the system running efficiently


  • 1000-hour maintenance intervals
  • Dual, independent CAN-bus diagnostic systems provide technicians with easy location of issues
  • Life-long multi-disc/wet disc brakes

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