Linde 387 Series: 4,500 – 7,000 lb. lift capacity

This Linde electric forklift serves as a multi-purpose, maneuverable and durable truck in any environment. This lift truck handles tough warehousing, manufacturing and shipping & receiving applications and featured adaptive solid pneumatic tires. The new, technologically innovative “Combi” axle mimics the turn radius of a 3-wheel truck. Every feature is developed with Linde’s guarantee of quality and durability in all hard conditions.

Linde_electric_forklift_4,500-7,000 lbs._80volt

Linde’s 387 electric forklift series.

Key Product Features:

Linde’s Patented “Combi” Axle

  • This excellent system allows the steering wheels to adjust so the truck can rotate around the center of the front axle.
  • The high pivot point adds stability for the heavy duty loads Linde trucks can bear.
  • The high mounted cylinders protect them from damage and neoprene mounting is shock absorbent.

Traction Control

  • The dual drive motor system helps keep the operator and load safe on by redistributing power to the other motor if one wheel loses traction.

AC Hydraulic Motors & Battery

  • 29.5HP provides high performance and the maintenance free design increases productivity.
  • 80 Volt Battery

Linde Drive Assistant

  • Linde’s smart safety feature is a proportional reduction of travel speed when turning corners so the operator and load are protected.
  • Hydrostatic power steering allows for the easy, controlled maneuvering.

Top-Mounted Tilt Cylinders

  • Stabilizes the mast to reduce stress on the chassis and keep the load stable when lifting.

Dual Motor Drive Axle

  • Assists in the exceptional tight turning capability by counter-rotating the inside wheel once the steer wheel angle exceeds 70 degrees.
  • Placed in cast iron for extra durability and longevity, as is the rest of a Linde truck.
  • No differential gear box, so there’s no added maintenance.

Axle Mounted Power Modules

  • By mounting the power modules on the drive axle, rather than using heavy gauge cables, the lift truck is more energy efficient.

Battery Display

  • Shows a “real time” charge, so the operator knows exactly how much time there’s left before the next charge.

Ergonomically Sound

  • Floating Cab/Vibration Isolation creates a smoother ride for the operator.
  • Armrests have integrated, individual hydraulic control levers
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Automatic parking brake

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