Linde 346 Series: 3 & 4-wheel forklifts

Linde’s premium electric lift trucks combines ruggedness, aesthetic appeal and comfort to create a new class of forklifts. Its compact size allows for a tight turning radius. With its cushion tires, this forklift is optimal for indoor applications include warehousing, manufacturing, shipping & receiving, and grocery. This truck was built with the operator in mind with its ergonomic features to provide a comfortable work space.


Linde’s 346 electric forklift series.

• Capacity: 3,500-4,000 LB
• 36 or 48 Volt, 100% AC Electric
• E18 3,500 lb. 3-wheel forklift
• E20 4,000 lb. 3-wheel forklift
• E20 C/P 4,000 lb. 4-wheel forklift

Key Product Features:
Linde’s Premium Drive Axle

  • Powerful and completely sealed. Includes drive motors, hydraulic motor, reduction gears, brake system and power modules in one powerful mechanism.
  • State of the art energy efficient design with no long power cables to drain energy.

SB-350 Battery Connector

  • It provides a quick charge, so there’s less downtime between charges.
  • Advanced Battery State of Charger Indicator
  • Accurately displays energy measures the current and available voltage providing the forklift operator a continuous update of the battery condition.

Tilt Cylinder

  • It has a 6-degree forward range and a 5-degree backward range for safe load handling.

Three Function Hydraulics 

  • Three different levers make managing the truck easy and servicing it easier
  • Precise load placement, greater accuracy and greater speed guaranteed.

Linde Dual Pedal Design

  • This smart, ergonomic feature allows for quick direction shifts, less operator fatigue and optimal control of speed and acceleration for confident
  • Optional single pedal design.

Linde’s Patented “Combi” Axle (available in E20 C/P)

  • This excellent system allows the steering wheels to adjust so the truck can rotate around the center of the front axle, providing the smallest turning radius possible.
  • The high pivot point adds stability for the heavy duty loads Linde trucks can bear.
  • The high mounted cylinders protect them from damage and neoprene mounting is shock absorbent.


  • On-Board Diagnostics indicates where the problem lies for easy location and repair by a technician.
  • Enclosed motors for a maintenance free system.
  • 1000-hour maintenance intervals reduce downtime and increase productivity

Lift Truck Options
Many options are available on this truck. Contact your Forklifts of Toledo representative for more information and pricing.