Linde 1276 Series: 5,000 – 7,000 lb. lift capacity

Linde’s premium 1276 series electric counterbalance forklift has a commonly needed lift capacity of 5,000-7,000 lbs., which makes it optimal for any manufacturing and warehousing job in any industry. The electric battery can work in places where LPG-fueled trucks wouldn’t be suitable. Its tough chassis and build are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy mast design can handle loads with gentleness and efficiency. Linde’s patented forklifts are efficient, safe and uphold the guarantee for Linde quality.

Key Product Features:


Linde 1276 series electric counterbalanced forklift.

Linde Drive Axle

  • Dual-drive motor design
    • Allows for fast travel speeds and fast acceleration.
    • The premium design handles tough terrain, such as railroad crossings, ramps and curbs with ease and precision.
  • It comes with an electric differential function, electronic curve assist, and traction control for ensured handling and to increase confidence in the operator’s ability to drive the forklift proficiently.
  • Maintenance-Free with the 1000-hour interval plan

Linde “Combi” Axle

  • This excellent system allows the steering wheels to adjust so the truck can rotate around the center of the front axle, providing the smallest turning radius possible.
  • The high pivot point adds stability for the heavy duty loads Linde trucks can bear.
  • The high mounted cylinders protect them from damage and neoprene mounting is shock absorbent.

Linde Dual Pedal Travel Control

  • This unique design allows for smooth direction changes, increased productivity, low operation fatigue and exceptionally precise travel control.

Battery & Flexible Handling

  • The 80-volt battery is both powerful and energy efficient.
  • The 180º opening door is convenient for the technician.
  • The side discharge is safe and effective, allowing a crane or forks to pick up the battery with ease.
  • The easy-to-reach quick disconnect button provides safety to the operator and technician.

Linde Load Control

  • The individual levers are easy to use and are conveniently located in order to maintain precise and effortless operation.
  • Load handling is stable, safe and highly efficient with Linde’s patented, proven system.

Linde Mast Design

  • This superior design provides durable, narrow mast profiles and optimize lifting capacity and operator visibility.
  • Nested lift cylinders behind the mast rails are part of Linde’s efficient, maintenance-free design.

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