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Forklift Operator Training

Clark Electric Sit-down Forklifts Large Loads

Forklifts of Toledo (FOT) offers a wide variety of training that is OSHA compliant for material handling operations. Our goal is to improve plant safety, reduce product damage, as well as reduce insurance costs for companies that utilize material handling equipment. We offer operator training classes that are taught through the Towlift Training Center and or are conducted on location to provide a learning experience centered in the environment in which the operator actually operates the equipment. These courses meet all criteria for training as outlined in CFR 1910.178, OSHA’s Power Industrial Truck standard. We offer various classes such as scissor lift training, how to operate a forklift, and trainer qualifications. FOT also offers a 3-year refresher training course.
One of the training classes offered by Forklifts of Toledo is the Scissor Lift Operator Safety Course. This is a 3 hour class which includes classroom instruction, a written exam and a hands-on evaluation of the driving ability of the student. Documentation is sent to the employer of the trainee to document OSHA compliance.
Forklifts of Toledo offers Lift Truck Operator Safety, as well as How to Drive a Lift Truck courses. In Lift Truck Operator Safety, the trainee receives hands on experience with sit down rider type forklift trucks followed by a written exam and driving evaluation. In this course, operators will learn the ins and outs of safely operating forklifts. Students receive a certificate of completion along with a wallet card their employer can issue to make them authorized operators.
In the How to Drive class, students learn how to properly operate material handling equipment safely and efficiently. Operations of the trucks are under strict supervision in a non-dangerous area. Our formal classroom instruction covers all of the 24 content areas required by the OSHA standard. This is followed by a one-on-one evaluation of driving and operating skills.
OSHA requires authorized forklift operators to complete a re-evaluation of their driving skills every three years. Operators who have successfully completed the Forklifts of Toledo Lift Truck Operator safety course are eligible to take our 3 year refresher course. Drivers receive an update on safe operation and an evaluation of their driving ability. Their forklift operator wallet cards are then renewed for another 3 years. For companies that want to conduct compliant training themselves, we offer a Trainer Qualification Course in which participants learn how to conduct OSHA compliant formal and refresher training.

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